You purchased a genuine leather product or thinking about purchasing one, but you don't know how to keep your genuine leather in good shape. What if it gets dirty? Should you wash? What about little scratches on surface? Does oil work on leather?

This article is for you.

Accidents happen to everyone. Your leather product can get dirty even if you try to protect it. You don't need to worry. You will just need to cover some basics.

Never wash your product under water. Genuine leather will absorb water swell. If there was some exposure to rain or snow, gently wipe dry without rubbing with a cotton cloth or paper towel then leave to dry on its own. Genuine leather needs air. Do not put it on a heater or do not use unnatural airing tools such as hairdryer. Speaking of air, do not store it bad ventilated, humid or malodorous environment.

You can use a slightly moist, damp cotton cloth when dusted in your daily use.


For much deeper maintenance and cleaning, you can use cleaning and maintenance products especially produced for leather materials. Leather balms will preserve the leather’s appearance and restore if needed. Don’t use wet wipes! Alcohol and other chemicals contained in wet wipes damage the skin. Even with all natural ingredients, too much wetness will not have a good affect on leather.

You must prevent your leather product from being exposed to sunlight for a long time. Remember, it is genuine leather, and you should treat it as skin.

Follow these recommendations and your product will be cleaner, brighter and durable. Genuine leather will have a unique patina over time, and you will enjoy having one more and more.

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