How To Tell Difference Between Real And Fake When You Buy Leather

How To Tell Difference Between Real And Fake When You Buy Leather


How can you tell the difference between fake and genuine leather when buying your phone case, watch strap or wallet? Here are the steps you should follow to know this:

You Can Check the Label First

The easiest way to tell if a product is made from genuine leather is always to look at the label. If it does not say "synthetic" or "polyester", you should still pay attention to the following words: PU leather, pleather, leatherette, cork leather (bark of the cork oak tree), pinatex (pineapple leaves), ocean leather (kelp), vegan leather and of course faux leather.

These mean the leather is not real. Those who produce with genuine leather are proud of it. If real leather is used, it will definitely indicate it with expressions such as genuine leather, top / full grain leather, real leather.

Touch Test Gives A Good Idea

You can also tell if the leather is real or fake by just touching a product. Faux leather is almost completely smooth. While genuine leather is soft and stretchy, you will feel the imperfections on the skin because it comes from an animal. Wrinkle-free, spot-free perfect look are good tips that the product you purchase is made of fake leather.


If you have ever smelt genuine leather, you'll definitely know the fragrance you're looking for. Genuine leather has a scent that can never be imitated by fake leather. If you are not sure what you are looking for as the fragrance, you can smell the products of a store that you are sure sells genuine leather, even if it looks funny to the people around. No worries, you will recognize the plastic smell anyway.

Pay attention to its texture

You will notice small pores on the real skin. If you pour some water on the skin, you will see that the water is absorbed through these pores. If you pour water on the fake leather, the water will run off the fake leather without being absorbed.

Burn It

It may sound like a joke, but it is a method used to distinguish real skin. Faux leather catches fire quickly and smells like plastic. Real skin burns slowly and smells like burnt hair. Don't be too enthusiastic about trying this last one though. Even if it burns slowly, you will burn the product you bought.