Kinds of Leather

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Real leather sounds fantastic, doesn't it? We both agree! However, there are several different varieties of leather available. All have unique features that may not be what they appear to be. For example, did you know that genuine leather is the lowest quality of the leather family? Continue reading for a brief overview of the many sorts of leather available and an idea of what you'll want for your new phone case, wallet, or other accessories.

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This sort of leather is extremely durable. It's simply the grade that has been taken right from the animal and turned into a phone case or any other accessory. Because no chemical procedures are authorized to make full grain leather more manageable, it is famously rough and hard to work with.

On full grain phone cases, leather pouches, and so on, you can see all of the hide's defects. This adds character and will eventually evolve into that distressed look. However, it may detract from the luxurious appearance slightly. Full grain products are typically preferred by consumers seeking a rugged appearance.


Top grain leather items are still made from the highest quality animal hides. As a result, they get all of the durability properties of full grain leather. This leather is thick, tough, and built to endure a lifespan.

However, procedures are allowed in this case. This implies that any imperfections, markings, or flaws from the original hide may be rubbed or sanded away. An artisan may have invested a great deal of effort in a to p grain leather phone case and any other accessories to give it the deluxe look you're after.

In the realm of leather handbags, wallets, etc., we believe top grain is the perfect combination. They're designed to endure decades and can tolerate a lot of abuse. However, they retain their deluxe appearance. If you've ever been wowed by a stylish, high-quality leather wallet, it was most likely made of top grain leather.


Genuine leather is a very misleading and unpleasant word in our opinion. While it appears to be of high quality, it is really the lowest grade of genuine leather available.

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Genuine leather items are created from the animal hide's bottom layer. Scraps of leather are frequently bonded with each other to produce a continuous piece of leather. Because the lower layer of animal skin is not employed as much for protection in the wild, it does not have the same survival features as the top layer.

When you pair this with the possibility that this leather is a mixture of different scraps, the durability reduces dramatically. In virtually all cases, genuine leather will rip, tear, or somehow fail far sooner than full-grain or top-grain leather.

It should be noted that genuine leather items (also known as bonded leather) are sometimes substantially less expensive than higher grades. It is because these grades are considerably easier to deal with and do not necessitate the acquisition of the same high-quality components. If you want anything that looks like real leather but is less expensive, this might be a good alternative.

However, in our view, it's typically wiser (budget allowing) to save up for a better-quality leather because it will last much longer and be recommended for your money in the long run.


When PU leather is suggested, be extremely cautious. Before you buy, make sure you understand that PU and imitation leather are not the same thing as leather.

This is a material produced in a facility that does not use any natural resources (in some cases, they may use a very small amount). This material is constructed of polymers and plastics and is intended to look like real leather.

They can sometimes do an excellent job. And it is so simple to be duped. However, be warned that synthetic leathers will not have any of the five main reasons we adore leather listed above. They will wear out even quicker than genuine leather, necessitating frequent replacement. They have no quality scent or natural feel about them. In most circumstances, they will seem worn out after a short period of time.

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