Shoulder Strap/Crossbody Phone Cases

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You prefer your phone with you at all times, regardless of what you're doing. But you just do not want to be carrying a handbag or a backpack. And you already know that having the phone in your back pocket is a poor decision. You'd rather it didn't fall out while you're walking or, even worse, that you forgot it was there and sat on it, perhaps shattering the screen.

While smartphones are helpful, they are impractically sized and designed for the average clothes pocket. But if you're a woman, you know your pockets are almost useless. Fortunately, this crossbody phone case functions as a wearable wallet, keeping your phone secure and with you at all instances.

Crossbody Phone Cases Are an Attractive Way to Transport Your Phone.

Old Women through colonial America time wore exterior pouches around their waistline to carry money and other items while being hands-free. These ladies were professionals. Bayelon's crossbody phone cases are based on a similar concept. It's the ideal companion for stress-free living. A stylish phone case connected to a top-quality cord with a robust core guarantee that your phone is secure no matter where you are. Furthermore, it will be at waist level, making it easy to access when you want to take a photo, check your email, or contact someone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Crossbody Full Grain Leather Case,Protection to your phone against dropping, bumps, scratches., Premium Leather with handmade guarantee quality. fashionable

A Cord That Can Be Adjusted to Fit Like a Bead Bracelet

Do you need to make the cord longer or shorter? No worries. Like a bead bracelet, this necklace-style smartphone cover adjusts effortlessly. So, you won't be wasting time adjusting a difficult strap while following the kids and so. This smartphone case can be adjusted to the ideal length for you with a single motion.

A Smartphone Case That May Be Worn and Provides Bumper Protection.

This crossbody phone case also has four-corner bumper protection to cushion stress and impact. An elevated edge protects the screen and camera. The chances of your phone being damaged or smashed are nearly nonexistent with this wearable phone case. Imagine when you leaned over and your phone dropped on the floor, getting scratched? The Bayelon will not allow this to happen.

It Features a Slot for Your Credit and Debit Cards.

Another useful feature of this crossbody phone case is its sealable cardholder, which allows you to securely store credit cards, IDs, and cash. Then what do you actually need when you leave home? Your phone and a means to pay! Consider going for a stroll or making a grocery run with simply this compact, this wearable phone case that stores all of your essentials. You won't have to haul around a large bag or backpack just because it's the only item that will carry everything.

Which Phones Are Compatible with This Wearable Phone Case?

Bayelon crossbody will fit your iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

What We Like About This 'Pendant' Phone Case?

We like how this crossbody phone case avoids any need to store your smartphone in the clothes pockets, which are usually too tiny for this job. We particularly like the extra card slot, which makes the whole thing an excellent choice for keeping all of your valuables close to hand. The same as the colonial pouches!


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