At Bayelon, we want our customers to have a positive experience when they shop with us and use our products. That’s why we are now offering a special warranty service.
We handcraft our products from the highest quality leathers and therefore we are responsible for our craftsmanship. Therefore, we offer our customers a 90 day warranty for our products. We offer a one-time free replacement for your products up to 90 days after your purchase.
Please Contact Us from the form down below with your name, e-mail and order ID to activate your warranty.
And If you have any concerns, contact us at
Conditions not covered by the warranty:
Only products that are purchased directly from Bayelon’s Online Store are eligible for this warranty.
Our 90 Day Warranty does not cover:
  • replacement products
  • theft or loss of the products 
  • products that are used for unintended purposes
  • misuse, mishandling, accident, or other unusual product use
  • damages caused by unauthorized or improper repair or maintenance
  • products that are not genuine or are not made by Bayelon.